Bella and Duke Benefits

Whether you are looking for a nutrient-rich meal for your dog, or want to make sure your canine friend is getting all of the nutrients they need, Bella & Duke’s pet food can help. The company uses only meat from British and Irish farmers, and the recipes are customized to fit the needs of your dog. Their food is delivered frozen, so you never have to worry about overcooking your pet.

Food is delivered frozen

Founded in Scotland in 2017, Bella and Duke is a raw pet food company. It was created by two friends after they lost their pets to cancer. They wanted to create a better way to feed their pets and developed a raw food subscription service.

Bella and Duke’s raw food is free of fillers, artificial ingredients, and unnecessary plant products. It is also produced in BRC accredited human grade factories in the UK. Bella and Duke also uses meat from British and Irish farms. They also source local fruits and vegetables.

Bella and Duke recipes are approved by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. They also use the latest scientific research to make sure your pet receives a nutritionally balanced diet. They use a variety of proteins, including novel proteins, to meet the needs of dogs and cats.

They tailor their recipes to your dog’s needs

Founded in 2016, Bella & Duke is a Scottish company that is concerned with the health of our four legged friends. They aim to make it easier for owners to provide their dogs with a healthy lifestyle. They use all-natural ingredients in their recipes. Their customised meal plans are a boon to pet owners.

There are many reasons why Bella & Duke are one of the UK’s best pet food brands. The company has a team of vets that help them formulate recipes. They also use high quality ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Their recipes also include antioxidants and oils.

Bella & Duke also offer a superfood enriched range. These recipes contain more than 60 percent meat protein.

They source their meat and ingredients from British and Irish farmers

Keeping your pups squeaky clean isn’t a problem thanks to Bella and Duke. This premium brand of dog food embodies the best in breed with the best ingredients to boot. They offer a variety of raw dog foods and formulas ranging from the basic to the gourmet. They also offer a bespoke tailored feeding solution that will keep your pooch happy for a long time to come. Lastly, Bella and Duke have an impressive customer service department to boot. They’ve been around since 1999 and are the largest purveyor of premium dog food in the UK. If you’re looking for a better deal on your best buddy’s dinner check out the Bella and Duke discount page. There are also some nice perks if you’re a frequent visitor to their online store.

They’re hiring for a full-time human and pet resources manager

Currently, Bella and Duke is in search of a full-time human and pet resources manager to drive the human relations function of their 130 person operation. In addition to a solid understanding of pet care, management and human relations, they are also looking for a big picture guy who will be responsible for the company’s new office facilities, including in-built kennels and a full-time pet park ranger.

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, the human and pet resources manager will be responsible for supporting the health and safety of our employees and our pets. This includes working with the Human Resources Department to develop HR policies and procedures, coaching line managers, and supporting the company’s new office facilities. In addition to the HR functions, the HR manager will also be responsible for managing the company’s human resources operations in general.

They recently moved to a new office

Earlier this year, the pet food company Bella and Duke relocated its offices to Rosyth, Fife. The company wanted to create an office space that was pet-friendly, interactive and functional. It also wanted an office that staff and visitors could enjoy.

Founded by Mark Scott and Tony Ottley, Bella and Duke’s raw dog food is based on recipes created by animal nutritionists. The company aims to provide pets with a species-appropriate diet, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Bella and Duke’s products are sold via subscription. Customers can change their subscriptions or request a particular day of delivery. Bella and Duke delivers up to 2.5 million meals a month.

The company has plans to expand into the cat food market. The company has invested in marketing to drive sales growth. In order to do this, the company is seeking a full-time human and pet resources manager to help develop and manage their people and pet strategy.